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    We live in Wolsztyn, a city placed between Poznań and Zielona Góra, in a single house with a backyard. Since my childhood I’ve dreamt about a pure breed dog. As long as I have lived under my parents roof my dream never came true. We had many dogs, but always crossbreeds. After my 40th birthday I saw in the neighborhood, for the first time in my life, an Entlebucher and decided that I have to have one.

    We started to look for a kennel, went to see it and finally reserved a puppy. That’s how in June 2008 a female puppy of Entlebucher, BERA Porażynianka, showed up in our home. While our visit in kennel Porażynianka a Great Swiss Mountain Dog catched my husband’s eye. A minute of thinking, fast decision and after 3 weeks WESTA Porażynianka joined our family too. Both dogs brought a lot of joy to our family. Since the very beginning they seemed very attached to our disabled daughter. Despite of the dogs weight, they never hurt our daughter in an y way while lying down with her or jumping on her knees. Raising the dogs and showing them gave me the thought that this is a perfect hobby for me, that I want to have more breeds. So after two years we picked a Mini Schnauzer Salt&Pepper female puppy, Escudo CAROLINA HERRERA. All three bitches got along very well. We had first litters. Another show – a woman carries a small dog, stands just beside us (accidentially), and it’s a love at first sight – Boston Terrier. Again researching the breed, kennels, litters. On the last day of school year 2011 we brought from Poznań little girl, GALAXY ZAZOU Bossmo. She is very adorable and makes my daughter smile. Traditionally for another summer we bought another dog, our first male puppy, Boston Terrier BLUEMARINE Fialka. He is imported from Czech Republic. As the youngest  he is the most spoiled one, but we also teach him house  rules.

    My whole family helps me with all the work a kennel provides, but the biggest fan and helper is my niece, Alicja. We put our hearts into the kennel and we take a great care of every puppy that comes out of it.

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